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Florida Passions: Florida Singles Online

  • joan201237
  • 43 years old | Orlando, FL, USA

  • bigjont31
  • Let’s see....
  • Family, trucks and motorcycles, I’m simple that’s about the bulk of it. But I enjoy the beach, the mountains, good food and great conversation.
  • 32 years old | Orlando, FL, USA

  • ppatrice
  • I love Florida Water, water everywhere- I love it. Ready for canoeing, fishing, or just boating.
  • 63 years old | Panama City, FL, USA

  • feedback
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  • 30 years old | New York, NY, USA

  • ostudley
  • 55 years old | All of NY, USA

  • twistedsand6
  • I have surprised myself in recently discovering that I am far more comfortable in my skin and a bit of jewelry than I imagined I could be. As a sunworshipper with a love of the water, I am motivated to spend my free time happily unencumbered by clothing. Having been granted the opportunity to spend recent weeks with a friend whose home is an environment conducive to going about daily activities, i...
  • 53 years old | Trenton, FL, USA